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Introduction to mining

Miners are a new generation of node mining methods. It is a dual combination of IPFS miner and CPU miner. It is also a new mining method after Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is mainly for token holders who adopt the USDT storage consensus mechanism public chain. , Miners is a hard fork of UNI, which aims to eliminate the inherent defects of UNI and simplify the user threshold. Every user can obtain benefits through node participation in on-chain calculations. Users only need to join the community to become virtual miners. The miner fee is connected to the mining interface of the community node, and the USDT digital asset on the chain is used for calculation. However, every user can get benefits. USDT deposits in its own wallet, does not transfer "0" risk, flexibly exits, and is more free, and contributes to the DEFI ecology without hardware construction. High cost and complicated configuration, which can generate millions of dollars in revenue for users every year.

Our advantages

Safe and secure

No need to exchange coins, and "0" risk with USD stored in your wallets

Professional and stable

Professional teams, and stable operation all year round

Low barrier to entry

Minimum deposit of 500USD, and enjoy node mining earnings


What is node mining?

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